Let us be honest about this. We started doing Hybrid & Virtual Events solely to support our partners and clients at the start of COVID-19 pandemic. Like we said we're the extension media and marketing team for our clients and when the world turned upside down, we quickly figured out how to bring an experience through digital means to support them.

We know that the economy is suffering and lots of organisations need to host such hybrid/virtual events and we just wanna help out in the situation. We've figured out a very economical way of bringing a meeting or an event virtual and sure, we could put huge profit margins on that since a lot of people need it but there are more important things in the world than profit margins. 

From a 2-hour meeting, to a 2-day summit with multiple hybrid rooms, we are ready to help you Go Hybrid! We can have a single camera setup with only handheld microphones or a multiple camera setup with clip-on microphones. It all depends on what you need so send us a message and we'll help you figure out what setup you'll need.

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We are a marketing and media consultancy with a talent for.... everything? Honestly, if you really want to get to know us, give us a call or an email, and let’s grab a beer!

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