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When people ask us what we do, it's difficult to explain. Let's put it this way:

Think of us as a Skill House in media and marketing. That means we have all kinds of skills and talents in our team and tailor a solution to each of our clients. We generally work with our clients and partners as their extended media and marketing team.

From consulting on marketing strategies and developing a long-term branding plan to social media management and advertising plus everything that comes in the middle of that.

Trusted By



"I have been working with Holland Park Media for already a few years. They proved to be an excellent partner for the Data Science Initiative as 

social media experts and online communications. They do an excellent job in creating relevant content, including well-edited social media videos.

Ali and Charles are an efficient team and are definitely fun to work with.”


"I have worked with HPM on several projects through WorldStartup and Capital Tour. With them, you usually don't get what you want but what you need. These are entrepreneurs and not robotic arms following orders. They will think along with you to understand what's best for you and your audience. They will also make sure everyone in front of the camera is comfortable and having some fun. For us it has been an easy choice to pick them over others, consistently."

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