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Let Your Event Shine

We Craft Visual Stories for Professional Impact

How We Work

Planning an event can be a complex and demanding task. Our event photography team developed a systematic approach that allows us to grasp your specific needs and ensure great outcomes. Let's make things work together!



 Let's get on a call to discuss your event as well as your needs and expectations. By the end of our chat, you'll have an event photography proposal in your inbox.



We will prepare a detailed briefing and game plan for our event photographers to capture all the important moments and atmosphere of your event. 



Our event photographers are flexible and accomodate last-minute requests during the event. You will get press release photos next day and the full event report within a week! 

Capture Your Next Event

At Holland Park Media, we're passionate about capturing your event's atmosphere and its most significant moments. From major conferences to networking events and celebrations, our team is dedicated to delivering high-quality images that tell the story of your event. Our photography team always ensures fast paced delivery and seamless experiences for event teams.

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Conferences and Summits


We capture the essence of your conferences and summits with professional team of photographers. Working at a fast pace, we cover multi-day events with precision, capturing the atmosphere and key moments. Experience the memories of your conference or summit through our lens.

Business Events

Business Events

We specialize in capturing the heart and soul of your business events. From workshops and presentations to program launches and closing events, we provide top-notch photography services. Trust us to capture the important moments of your event with precision and style.

Company Celebrations

Celebrate in style with Holland Park Media! Our expertise in corporate event photography captures the memories of your company's special gatherings, anniversaries, and parties. Trust us to preserve the highlights of your celebration for years to come.

NGO and Governmental Events

NGO & Governmental Events

Make a difference through photography with Holland Park Media. Our expertise in capturing the essence of NGO and government events highlights the hard work and dedication of volunteers and organizers. Let us preserve the impactful moments of your event.