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HPM and THT Collaborate on the STUD-io

Way back in early COVID days, HPM made a major shift to providing live streaming services and making online events possible from a technical perspective. After running around the city for months, hosting live streams, webinars, hybrid events, and more, we realized it might make sense to create our own little "nest" a bit closer to home. That's why we teamed up with The Hague Tech, where our office is located, to create a better solution for the market, ourselves, and the greater ecosystem of The Hague.

Thus, the STUD-io was born! From an off-the-cuff joke from our CEO written on a light board, the name stuck and we've never turned back. Thanks to our partnership with THT, we are able to provide our highest quality services at competitive prices with extra services like catering and meeting rooms to book. For those who don't know, THT is The Hague's largest tech community and a hub of innovation for startups, scale-ups, governments, and knowledge institutes.

Zoey Hendrickx, the events and facility manager of THT says this about our collaboration: "It has been amazing collaborating with HPM. The team is trustworthy, approachable, and easy to communicate with. They manage to find the perfect balance between being professional and making work fun which is great. I am happy that collaborating on STUD-io enables us to combine our strengths and offers new opportunities for the events department at THT."

If you are curious about how the STUD-io looks like in person or need a place for your next online event don't hesitate to swing by and take a look!


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