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HPM Through An Intern’s Eyes

Hi! Jo and Estelle again. Remember when we said we would revive the HPM blog? In our last blog post… Which was five months ago… Well, our internship is actually coming to an end soon. In this blogpost we will bid farewell to HPM by looking back at everything we have learned and the memories we made. You will see why the blog was put on hold for a while.

First things first, Holland Park Media cannot be reduced to simply one sentence nor a blog post. It is passionate, inspiring, and chaotic in the best way. HPM allows anyone who comes in to not only build on their pre-existing knowledge, but also to learn new skills. That is not surprising when you see the variety of the team and everyone’s expertise.

Coming in as marketing and copywriting interns, we were expecting to just sit in the office writing captions and articles. And although, yes, that was part of our job, we ended up doing and learning much more. From assisting on production days, to managing social media content, to writing video scripts. We have been able to experience many different business processes, learning something new every day. Estelle got introduced to the world of newsletter writing and content creation, whilst Jo ended up doing a lot of graphic design and improving her skills with every task she received.

Yet, this is not an exception for interns at HPM. The company is built up on the idea of growing and seeking discomfort to achieve your goals. Every employee is encouraged to get out there, try new experiences, and expand their skills. This is all thanks to the ‘Self-Improvement’ mentality in the office. Once you enter HPM, you are handed the tools and platforms to try out any skills you have ever been curious about. Not to mention, the close-knit HPM team will constantly ask for opinions from others, wanting to grow their knowledge, and perhaps tackle a brand new task outside of their regular position. All in all, this makes for a diverse team full of people learning as they go and finding new ways to get busy.

Next to the work we did as interns, we also had poké bowl filled team days, Lego building breaks, and bean bag naps. That is the core of HPM: you might need to work hard and push through together with your team during busier times, but at the end of the day there will be laughs accompanied by some music from HPM’s very own DJs (and perhaps even fries).

We will now go into our fourth and final year of our International Creative Business study program, taking with us the valuable and memorable experiences we had at HPM. We would like to thank everyone in the team who helped us by providing us with feedback and the occasional emotional support. We are very excited and proud to have been part of such a vibrant and positive team and we are sure HPM will continue to do great things!


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